Hydraulic System Treatment extends the life of hydraulic system pumps and reduces noise and excessive heat

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Manufactured with Nano technology

The hydraulic system is considered one of the most important transmission and power systems in the modern era and the genius of this system lies in its ability to transmit movement from one point of impact to more than one point and in more than one direction at the same time, but with equal or different capabilities as needed

The idea of the system is based on confining incompressible fluids between points and axes of movement or force and influencing it with pressure leading to its uniform distribution on the fluid

Extends the life of hydraulic system pumps

Reduces noise and excessive heat

Anti Foaming

Antioxidant (due to water vapor)

Maintains hydraulic circuit rubber connections

Maintains system control BLUF

Specialized for handling metal surfaces and does not interact with motor oil or change its chemical or physical properties

Efficiency up to 500 hours run time

Size: 1 liter

Instructions for use:

Add a full bottle (1 liter) for every 60 liters of oil in the first use

Then add a full bottle (1 liter) for every 100 liters of oil after the first use

With the addition of EZI, the oil level should not exceed the “FULL” mark on the oil gauge