Reduce noise from oil pump during operating, It was tested and proved in laboratory and fieldwork for more than 10 years.

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Compatible with all kinds of hydraulic oils. Reduce noise from oil pump during operating, The product was tested and proved in laboratory and fieldwork for more than 10 years.

Usually, every moving part at the hydraulic system needs oil for lubrication, but by the heat from time to time, the viscosity will drop down and affecting the oil film.

The oil film will become thin which cannot make it protecting the friction metal to metal, thus then, heat will destroy the surface of the metal and wearing will start.

When metal wearing starts, the metal becomes particle-like a powder, these metal powders come out and removed by oil and then go to filter and the sound of the hydraulic pump will happen.

The heat will increase because metal to metal friction is increased, oil heat at day time and temperature come down at evening time, Heat will go out and oxygen will replace to reduce the heat.

This cycle will happen every day, and oil will be hydrocarbon combine with oxygen it will give H2O which is water, water accumulated day by day it will make the oil-contaminated.

Oil contaminates that’s meant PH less than 7It will call acid, acid happen it will start steel oxidation or corrosion, and resulting oil pump noise, oil low compression and, oil high heat temperature.
WHAT does IT do?
• Reduces friction between metal components.
• Reduces metal parts wearing.
• Improves oil film lubricity helping smooth running.
• Less heat inside the oil pressure pump.
• Improves the pressure of hydraulic oil during working times.
• Extends oil lifetime.
• Saves cost for the oil filter.
• The oil pump will be smoother and quiet working.
• Increases oil pressure.
• Reduces oil heat.
Usage Tips:
• First time Add : 1 Liter per 60 Liters.
• Regular Ratio mix : 1 Liter per 100 Liters.
• For the first time add on litters from EZI hydraulic treatment to 60 litters of the normal hydraulic oil, after that only one letter of EZI treatment to 100 litters of the normal hydraulic oil.