Products developed with nano technology to reduce friction, cleaning and protection of various mechanical internal parts in engines, transmissions (manual and automatic), differentials (corona), power steering, mechanical, hydraulic systems and air compressors for all vehicles (cars – motorcycles – buses – trucks – marine engines) and heavy machinery and equipment

It contains :

1- Treatments products for mechanical parts and hydraulic systems :

Nano technology-based materials reduce friction and thus reduce corrosion rates between metal parts by up to 71% in various types of engines and transmissions (manual and automatic), differential and Power Steering in various types of cars – motorcycles – buses – trucks – marine engines – machines – heavy equipment as well as mechanical and hydraulic systems – air compressors and fluid compressors (hydraulic pumps)

2- Detergents products for mechanical parts and hydraulic systems:

New engine oil before use whether (synthetic oil or mineral oil) has a PH higher than 7 (alkaline), and after a short period of operation, the PH rate turns to 7 that is neutral point at which the engine oil operates at the highest efficiency and extends the life in which the oil turns into an acidic medium (PH less than 7) that occurs by absorbing oxygen and then turns into water vapor inside the engine mixed with some combustion products that pass in a small proportion by the holes of rings to the oil content but in fact when the used oil is discharged from the engine, some of it remains in the internal parts of the engine and is in its acid form which affects the shelf life of the new engine oil if it is mixed with the remaining acidic used oil along with some Carbon impurities that may hinder the movement of oil in its precise paths within the engine over time this results in weakness in the efficiency of the lubrication process that causes some unwanted sounds to appear when the engine starts to spin and thanks to the unique formula in EZI Flush products that does not contain any harmful solvents with an acidic composition harmful to the internal engine parts, safe on rubber parts (sealing parts) as well as its alkaline components, it has become very easy to get rid of the acidic oil residues and carbonaceous particles inside the engine to get a longer life of the new oil added to your engine and thus a longer life for your engine



EZI Extra Power Lube Red

A treatment for petrol or diesel engines that have covered 100,000 km and for marine engines that have served up to 100 working hour

EZI Extra Power Lube blue

A treatment for petrol or diesel engines that have covered more than 100,000 km and for marine engines that have served more than 100 working hour

EZI Extra Power Lube Green

Treatment for natural gas car engines

EZI Extra Power Lube Motor Bike

Reduces friction inside all metal parts in motorcycle engines with four-stroke engines

EZI Extra Power Lube for Trucks Engines and Heavy Equipment

Reduces friction inside all types of engines of buses, trucks, machines, heavy equipment, excavators and generators

EZI Hydraulic System Treatment

Hydraulic System Treatment extends the life of hydraulic system pumps and reduces noise and excessive heat


EZI Transmission, Differential and Power Steering Treatment increases the efficiency of the system and makes its performance smoother in shifts

EZI Engine Internal Flush

Specializes in cleaning the interior of the engine with high efficiency and removes carbon deposits and dirt

EZI Gear & Differential Flush

Removes deposits in the gearbox and cleans it of suspended impurities and works to get rid of corroded metal parts


Ezi petrol treatment :Reduce exhaust emissions, Restores lost performnce and Helps to maintain fuel economy


Ezi Diesel Treatment : Reduce exhaust emissions, Restores lost performance and Helps to maintain fuel economy