EZI Extra Power Lube Red

A treatment for petrol or diesel engines that have covered 100,000 km and for marine engines that have served up to 100 working hour

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Manufactured with Nano technology

The main carrier of the active ingredient is fully synthetic oil carrier

A treatment for petrol or diesel engines that have covered 100,000 km

A treatment for marine engines that run on petrol or diesel and that have served up to 100 working hour

Anti Foaming

Anti Gumming


Reduces friction inside the engine by 71%

Increases engine life by up to 38%

Increases engine horsepower output by up to 4.8%

Reduces petrol consumption by up to 3.7%

Specialized for handling metal surfaces and does not interact with motor oil or change its chemical or physical properties

Reduces engine noises and overheating

Efficiency up to 20,000 km for cars

Efficiency up to 100 hours for marine engines

Size: 326 ml

Instructions for use:

Add a full can of EZI up to 4.5 liters of oil

With the addition of EZI, the oil level should not exceed the “FULL” mark on the oil gauge